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  List of banking institutions in Malaysia
  List of development financial institutions
  Bank Negara Malaysia
  Foreign Exchange Administration
  Credit Bureau

  Financial institutions in Malaysia offer a variety of financing products for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).So if you are seeking financing for your business, learn how the financial institutions can aid you in this matter.  
  There are financial avenues to help you purchase valuable assets needed for your business. With different features and benefits, learn about the available financing products for asset acquisition.

  For SMEs that are involved in domestic and international trade, financial institutions in Malaysia also provide assistance in the form of trade financing. Learn more on some of the common trade financing facilities.

  In addition to your business financing needs, you may need guarantee facilities for a number of purposes. Based on necessary factors, a financial institution can issue different types of guarantees for your business.
  In order to run your business, you’ll need to have enough capital for your day-to-day operations. To facilitate this need, financial institutions offer a variety of convenient and flexible financing products for working capital which you can choose from depending on your preferences. .

  Financial institutions also provide assistance for customers to make payments for trade transactions,
a beneficial business tool that any businessman should learn more about.