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As the central bank of Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia is the monetary authority that oversees Malaysia’s financial system and economy. Established on the 26th of January 1959, Bank Negara’s objectives include:
To promote monetary stability and sound financial structure
To act as banker and financial adviser to the Government
To issue currency and keep reserves safeguarding the value of the currency
To influence the credit situation to the advantage of the country
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Bank Negara Malaysia is headed by a nine-member Board of Directors. Its ex-officio members of the Board include the Governor, the Deputy Governors and the Secretary- General to the Treasury. The Governor is the chairman of the Board and the Board is required to meet at least once a month.

The roles and responsibility of Bank Negara Malaysia have evolved throughout the years. Today, Bank Negara Malaysia emphasises on the three pillars of central banking namely monetary stability, financial stability and the payments system. In addition, Bank Negara Malaysia also plays a developmental role in respect to economic management, institutional building and development of the financial system.

Bank Negara Malaysia is also actively involved in promoting consumers’ financial capability in the areas of banking, insurance and money management. Effective learning programmes for young adults, women, and companies are also available.
You may download our booklet on Bank Negara Malaysia for more details about its roles, responsibilities and activities undertaken by Bank Negara Malaysia.