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A current account is a deposit account available at all banking institutions in Malaysia and can be used for either personal or business purposes. As a current account holder, you are allowed to use cheques as a way to make payments. However do be sure that you are well informed of the things you need to know about using cheques before making any payments.

Different banking institutions have different requirements for opening a current account.The product features also vary amongst the banking institutions; e.g. some banking institutions offer interest bearing current accounts while some do not.Therefore, it is advisable that you seek and compare what each bank has to offer before opening up a current account.
As a current account holder among others, you will be able to make:
  Cheque payments
  Cheque and cash deposits
  Account enquiries
  Funds transfer within the same banking institution
  Bill payments
  Inter-bank transfers (GIRO)
You will also receive free monthly statements delivered to you. These statements will help you keep records of all deposits and withdrawals that you’ve made to calculate the current balance.

Your responsibilities as an account holder:
Always keep your account numbers and PINs that have been issued to you confidential
  Always keep your account statements in a safe and secure place
  Always destroy or shred cancelled cheques
Immediately inform your banking institution of any of the following
- Any change of address or telephone number
- Loss of cheque or cheque book
- Any discrepancy in your bank statement
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Returned cheques
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Specimen signature(s)
When you open a current account, your banking institution will require you to provide a specimen signature. This is for the banking institution to compare your signature on the cheques against the specimen signature you have provided. If the signature differs from the specimen signature, your bank has the right to decline your payment and will return the cheque.  
For more information, please download our booklet on current accounts. In this booklet, you can find important details relating to:  
Types of current accounts
Requirements for opening a current account
How to use a current account
Using cheques
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