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Hire purchase (HP) financing is one of the most common ways for people to buy private vehicles. If you take on HP financing, you become the hirer while the financier financing the vehicle is the owner. As the hirer, you will have to pay instalments to the financier based on an agreed duration while you will have possession of the vehicle. When all instalments are paid up, ownership is then transferred to you, the hirer.
You can apply for HP financing from a banking institution or through the dealer where you intend to buy your vehicle from.
Things I Should Know

Effects of non-repayment?

What to do if my car is repossessed?

Do’s and don’ts for hirers

Rights and obligations of a hirer and banking institution

Fixed rate or variable rate financing
What Else Can I Do?

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A HP agreement must contain the following important information:
Description of motor vehicle
Calculation of total sum payable
Minimum deposit
Term charges and annual percentage rate
Late payment charges
Date on which hiring commences
Number of instalment repayments
Amount of each instalment repayment
Person to whom repayments are to be made, time and place of repayments
Address where the motor vehicle is to be kept
Minimum deposit
The minimum deposit that you can make is 10% of the cash value of the motor vehicle. However, the banking institution can request for a higher deposit.
Term charges (interest rate)
You may choose your financing to be based on either fixed or variable rates.The maximum rate allowed under fixed rate financing is 10%. For variable rate financing, term charges will be quoted at a margin above the base lending rate of the banking institution concerned.
Late payment charges
A penalty is imposed on overdue instalments with its interest charged on a daily basis. For fixed rate financing, the maximum charge allowed is 8% while for variable rate financing, it is 2% above the prevailing term charges for variable rate.
Based on the credit assessment made on you, the banking institution may require a guarantor as additional security to support your application. In the event that the hirer defaults on payments, the guarantor is responsible for the unpaid portion of the HP facility including interest.
It is your responsibility as the hirer to purchase insurance cover for your motor vehicle other than for the first year. The banking institution normally requires a comprehensive insurance policy/takaful plan to be taken on the motor vehicle. You may check the market value of your vehicle to determine the sum insured for the motor insurance / takaful from
This occurs when the hirer defaults in repayments and the owner takes possession of the motor vehicle. Generally, the banking institution that facilitates your HP agreement will engage a registered repossessor to repossess any motor vehicle.
Need more details?
For more information on hire purchase specifically for motor vehicles, you can always download our booklet or visit our FAQ section on hire purchase.