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  List of banking institutions in Malaysia
  Bank Negara Malaysia
  Credit Bureau

Different types of loans cater for different needs. Whether you need personal financing, looking for car loans or thinking of buying
a house
, you can find relevant and useful information here.
Current trends see consumers spending not with cash but with a variety of credit cards, and charge cards.Get advice on choosing the right card and how to use them wisely.
Advancement in technology enables you to carry out your banking transactions online anywhere in the world. Find out how you can use electronic mediums such as the Internet to do most of your banking transactions.
Learn about the different types of accounts available to you, and find out whether a savings account or current account suits your banking needs better. Also find out about basic banking services offered by various banking institutions in Malaysia.
Are you a businessman in need of financial guidance for your small and medium enterprise (SME) ? Learn all you can about asset acquisition, working capital, trade financing, trade services and the application process for SME loans.