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  List of banking institutions that
provide islamic banking
  Bank Negara Malaysia
  Credit Bureau

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Documents required when
applying for house financing-i

Relevant fees and charges for
house financing-i
Paying my loan
Tips when buying property
Protection for my home
Rights and duties
Abandoned housing project
Both you and the Islamic banking institution have certain rights and duties during the course of the financing. Some of the more important ones are:
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Debt ratio

Repayment problem

Making a complaint

Housing loans
What Else Can I Do?

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  To have access to all information that would affect your decision to obtain financing.  

  To be treated professionally, courteously and without prejudice.  

  To be informed on changes to the terms and conditions of your financing.  

  To have accurate regular information on your financing account.  

  To take legal action in the event of a breach of contract payment.  

  To read and understand all the terms and conditions of the financing.  

  To observe the terms and conditions of the financing at all times.  

  To enquire and get clarification on all aspects of the financing to your satisfaction.  

  To make prompt payments on the fees, charges, profit and instalments of
the financing.

  To have full relevant disclosure of information on your credit standing.  

  To have correct and truthful information on you  

  To receive the timely payment of profit / instalments on the financing.  

  To take legal action in the event of default / breach of contract.  

  To discharge your obligations as described in the agreements.  

  To inform you on any changes made to the terms and conditions, fees charged and other relevant information.  

  To attend to all queries you make.  
For more information on house financing-i, please download our booklet on applying for financing.