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The Malaysian currency is the Ringgit (RM) and is issued by Bank Negara Malaysia. Since 1967, Bank Negara Malaysia have issued three series of currency banknotes and two series of currency coins for general circulation. Only currency issued by Bank Negara Malaysia are considered as legal tender and it is illegal for anyone to reproduce the Malaysian currency without Bank Negara Malaysia’s permission. Any photograph, drawing, or design of any or part of the banknotes or coins used for advertising purposes is not allowed without Bank Negara Malaysia’s authorisation.
Banknotes Security Features
Use the following guide to determine the authenticity of a banknote:
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Portrait of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong
The portrait of the 1st Yang di-Pertuan Agong found on the right side of the banknote act as an anti-counterfeting feature.
(RM50 banknote- specimen - front)
(RM50 banknote- specimen – back)
  The shaded watermark portrait of the 1st Yang di-Pertuan Agong, in the clear panel of the banknote can be seen when the banknote is help up against the light. At the base of the watermark, the number for the banknote’s denomination is clearly visible.
Windowed Security Thread
  The windowed security thread is interwoven in the paper and it runs vertically down the reverse side of the banknote. When held up against the light, the thread appears as a continuous dark line with repeated text printed on it.
LEAD Features
  For RM 50 and RM100 banknotes, there is a holographic strip on the right hand side of the banknote.
This strip has:

Repeated designs similar to the one printed on the right-hand side of the 1st Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s portrait.
Image of the denomination (eg. RM50)
Image of the letters BNM .
PEAK Features
  The PEAK features are located in the middle of the banknote. The denomination of the numeral can be seen in the centre of the square when the banknote is looked at from various angles.
Perfect See-Through Register
  A hibiscus flower at the top and bottom of the banknote with exact images on both sides of the banknote.
Intaglio Print
  The banknotes are printed with intaglio inks to give good overall tactility and a raised feel.
For more information on the Malaysian currency, download our booklet on the Malaysian currency or visit our FAQs for further details.