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  List of banking institutions that
provide islamic banking
  Bank Negara Malaysia
  Credit Bureau

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Different Islamic banking institutions offer different house financing-i packages. So look for one that suits your financial situation and needs as well as can offer extra benefits, such as flexible payment terms that enable you to have greater savings overall.

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Determine what you can afford by working out a budget for yourself.
With this budget, also determine the ceiling price of the property you want to purchase. As a guide, your
monthly commitments on paying instalments for your property, car and other payments should not exceed
1/3 of gross monthly household income.
Check your available source of funding.
Personal savings
  Make sure that you have enough personal savings to pay for the down payment
(about 10% - 20% of the property price) and other related costs i.e. legal fees and stamp duties
(about another 3% -5%).
Withdrawal from Employees Provident Fund (EPF) account
  The amount you can withdraw from your EPF account to purchase a property must not exceed the sum that you have in Account 2. Contact the nearest EPF office for further enquiries.
Financing from an Islamic banking institution
  Shop around and compare the available financing packages that suits you.
If the property you’re planning to buy is still under construction, you should check the background of the developer. Don’t be afraid to ask the developer lots of questions. A developer with a good track record reduces the risk of the project being abandoned. You need to be sure that the developer:
Has a valid license issued by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government
Has a valid advertising and selling permit issued by the respective local authority
If you are buying a completed property, find out the market value for similar properties in the same area.
For more information on Islamic banking, please download our booklet on applying for financing.